The conference SOIL CARBON SEQUESTRATION, for climate, food security and ecosystem services is hosted by the Soil Conservation Service of Iceland and the Agricultural University of Iceland and held in cooperation with several international and Icelandic institutions.  The conference will review the state of science, identify tools for enhancing Soil Organic Carbon (SOC) sequestration and recommend means to bridge the gap between science, policy and action. Among topics to be discussed are land use and land restoration practices that enhance SOC, how to verify carbon sequestration and linkages with UN-FCCC and post-Kyoto goals, agreements, and negotiations. The question of how to increase flow of climate linked funding for restoration of soil and land quality will also be explored.

The conference will be held in Grand Hotel, Reykjavík, Iceland during 26-29 May 2013. The official conference language will be English


The conference scs2013 – SOIL CARBON SEQUESTRATION, for climate, food security and ecosystem services” has now been successfully concluded. More than 200 people from over 40 countries attended the conference. The organizers have received many comments praising the high level of the conference. There has been extensive news coverage from the conference, for instance on Al Jazeera global news network:  (http://www.aljazeera.com/indepth/features/2013/05/2013531155229173615.html) and Reuters Alert Net: (http://www.trust.org/item/20130531154627-q1fcy).

Highlighting the importance of the soil and the multiple benefits of soil organic carbon sequestration for mankind has never been more needed than now. This was and is the mission of scs2013. The Organizing Committee thanks all participants of the conference, partners, sponsors, invited speakers and others who contributed to this conference.

Gudmundur Halldórsson
Chair of scs2013 Organizing Committee


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